Wednesday, March 31, 2010

New Glass Colours

Here's the list of new glasss colours for the fused glass cabochons. I have seen the actual glass pieces and all colours are beautiful especially the Aventurine Blue #1140. If you had liked the sparkling Aventurine Green, you will sure to love this deep sparkling blue glass piece as well.

If you would like to order them, please send me an email. Thank you!

Friday, March 26, 2010

New Product - Project Kits

Beady Girl is launching 2 project kits for sale at and retail shop, Beads Cage (available from mid April). These kits include step-by-step illustrated manual and accompanying materials to complete the project. Both projects are suitable for beginners.

Our ‘Pearly Ring’ project introduces you to the world of off-loom bead weaving. Stitched with the all-time favourite Peyote Stitch, you will learn about the basic technique and its variations through the creation of the ring.

Available in Gold and Purple Swarovski crystal pearls mix.

The Bollywood Cuff is an Indie-inspired cuff using a combination of 4-drop right angle weave and cross stitch techniques. The raw cuff is then adorned with sparkling Swarovski crystals in a wonderful mix of colors. This is a cuff that can be worn at all occasions. The project was published in Bead & Button Online Resource in 2009.

Available in Silver and Gold combinations

Click here to purchase.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Pearly Netted Necklace

I am still in the "Pearly Netted" frenzy and decided to create a fully embellished necklace. This time round, I used my favourite gemstone, Amazonite beads instead of Swarovski crystal pearls for its unique characteristics. The actual necklce looks more greenish. Another difference is that I created my own clasp to give it a wholesome look. I will try to take a photo of myself wearing it.

Some of the students have feedback to me that the bangle can be quite heavy with the 8mm pearls. If you prefer a more petite look, you may like to consider using 3mm, 4mm and 6mm pearls/beads only.

I have some other gemstones available and plan to pack them into materials kits (manual complimentary). I am currently making samples of them so that you can have a rough idea of how they look. Alternatively, you may also purchase a simple instructional manual at S$6 which includes the clasp making (never been taught by me before). However, you should already have the 'Pearly Netted Bangle' manual as the basic steps will not be repeated.

I will blog again when the kits and manual are ready.

Monday, March 22, 2010

What's New?

It has been awhile since I list new products at our online bead shop. Please be patient with me as I am juggling a few things at the moment. I hope to get them all up online by early April. You can expect new products, project kits with manuals (Yes, with manual!) and new projects.

I have finished my Pearly Netted Necklace just before writing this blog and can't wait to share with you. Alas, it is raining cats and dogs outside now so I am unable to take photographs of it.
Stay tuned!

New Project - Brassy Turquoise Ring

Gracing our website cover is my latest project, named Brassy Turquoise Ring. The technique isn't anything fanciful, just the good old Bead Embroidery. Initially, I had intended to make it into a pendant but was too lazy to stitch the accompaying necklace rope, thus turned it into a ring instead.

I stick to only 3 seed bead colours in this project, i.e. Metallic Gold, Chocolate Brown and the new "Heavy Metal" Brass seed beads. I wanted to try the "heavy metal" seed beads and while I like the finish, I find them quite challenging to work with on certain projects because of their big bead hole and curvature. The cabochon is a fused glass in size 1.5" by 1".

I have just ordered some new glass colours and looking forward to create more fused glass rings!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Japanese Book Binding

Yesterday, I attended a private class with Arden of Creative Escape on Japanese Book Binding. At first glance, it seems like a difficult craft to learn but it is quite easy and I had fun creating the book from scratch. Of course, Arden was a wonderful instructor and made the lesson a breeze for me. I am really pleased with how the book turned out. I have lots of scrap fabric and mounting boards from my early days of making framed art, so they can be put to good use now.

I showed my elder son when I came back. This morning, he has monopolised the book and started drawing his favourite planets and stars on it. There goes my very first self-made book.

If you like to pick up the skill on Japanese Book Binding, you may like to check out the class schedule with Creative Escape.

Monday, March 8, 2010

April Class II - Web Pendant (FULL CLASS)

If you had or will be takinig our Embroidered Ring class, this is another class that you can advance your embroidery skills. In this class, we will be learning more about the different edge variations, creating a bail and a unique webbed design by Cynthia for a focal pendant. We will also discuss about the different types of cabochons that are suitable for bead embroidery and the accompanying materials.

Level: Intermediate (Knowledge of basic bead embroidery is required)
Technique: Bead Embroidery
Class: 1 session (2 hours)
Course Fee: $70 (inclusive of manual/materials/loan of tools)
Date/Day/Time: 25 April 10, Sunday, 3pm - 5pm
Location: Beads Cage, #02-24A Centrepoint
Registration: Full class. Email us if you wish to be put on waitlist.

*Please note that registration is only confirmed upon full payment of course fee.

April Class I - Beaded Beads (FULL CLASS)

In April, we are introducing a brand new class on beaded beads, i.e. to BEAD your own BEAD using BEADS! We will be using Peyote Stitch, Right Angle Weave and Netting techniques to create these lovely beaded beads. They can be used as focal beads or string them together to create a unique necklace and the list goes on.

This is an intermediate level class and students have to know at least the basic peyote stitch and right-angle weave.

Level: Intermediate (Knowledge of Peyote Stitch and Right Angle Weave are required)
Techniques: Peyote Stitch, Right Angle Weave and Netting
Class: 1 session (2 hours)
Course Fee: $60 (inclusive of manual/materials/loan of tools)
Date/Day/Time: 11 April 10, Sunday, 3pm - 5pm
Location: Beads Cage, #02-24A Centrepoint
Registration: Full class. Email
us if you wish to be put on waitlist.

*Please note that registration is only confirmed upon full payment of course fee.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Pearly Netted Bangle VII - Remedy

If your completed bangle is way too short, it is possible to lengthen the tubular netting on both sides.

To lengthen the front portion, use the beginning thread tail and go through the row of seed beads in a reverse direction until your three main coloured beads come out. Continue your tubular netting from there and end it by adding the main coloured beads back later (as stated in your manual).

Thus it is a good idea to keep a long thread tail from the beginning in case more stitching is needed.