Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Trilogy : Ruby, Emerald or Sapphire?

Take a vote, which is your favourite?




Pearly Netted Bangle VI - Sapphire

Here's my Sapphire Pearly Netted Bangle. I changed the design slightly for this bangle and had mixed reviews on the piece. Some think it is too bling-bling and chunky while others like it for the same reasons. What do you think?

For students who are interested to create the "Sapphire" bangle and already have the 'Pearlyl Netted Bangle' manual, please follow the instructions as follows:

Start with 2 Part As, followed by 1 Part B, C, D, C, B and A. Subsequent steps would be 1 Part A, B, C, D, C, B and A, continue this sequence till you reach your desired length. Do remember to end with 2 Part As as in the beginning. This bangle will shrink slightly but with the added clasp, it will turn out just nice.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

March Classes

In March, we will be running 3 classes as follows:

Using tubular netting to form a graduated bangle and embellished with sparkling Swarovski crystal pearls.
7 March 2010, Sunday
3pm - 5pm

Basic Level

Learn how to construct a collar necklace using bead embroidery technique from start to finish.
21 March 2010, Sunday
3pm - 5pm
Intermediate Level

EMBROIDERED RING (2 seats left)
This is a basic class that teaches you the basic stitches in bead embroidery. Knowing them will enable you to crerate more challenging projects in the future.
28 March 2010, Sunday
3pm - 5pm
Basic Level

Details on the classses are available at our March Calendar.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

New Stoneware Cabochons for Custom-order

The first set of cabochons are new designs that the artist can make and the second set is pre-existing designs.

Colour : They are available in almost any colour except red will not be true red (looks like pink as in the picture).

Size : The standard size is 35mm but designs which are repetitive can be made into other sizes, e.g. 25mm

Shapes : The standard shape is round but designs which are repetitive can be made into oval or square.

Price : S$12 each (some may differ depending on specifications)

To order : Please state the Code Number, Colour, Size and Shape. If you just state the code number, I assume you want the exact cabochon.

Do consider carefully what you would like to create with the cabochons, especially on the designs. Some may look nice on its own but if you build a bezel around it, it may have a different look.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

NEW MARCH CLASS - Pearly Netted Bangle

A new class on Pearly Netted Bangle has been scheduled on 7 Mar, Sunday from 3pm - 5pm. If you are interested to join us for the class, please click here to read the details. 1 seat left!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Stoneware Cabochons - ALL SOLD OUT

Sorry, all the cabochons have been sold. I am working with the artist for more pieces and possibly some new designs.
Here's my collection of stoneware cabochons that I have used for making the "Triz" cuff. They were all specially made by an artist from Minneapolis.

Measurement : 35mm in diameter
Cost per unit : S$12
If you like to reserve or purchase any unit/s, please email me by quoting the number. Thank you.

"Triz" Cuff Accident

Oh, did I not mention my "Triz" cuff met with an accident? Just as I finished the piece, I dropped it onto the floor! The face of the cabochon was fine but two tiny seed beads in the bezel broke and caused a hole in the beadwork. Yes, these tough looking seed beads do break and break at the wrong time. My 3-year old son witnessed the incident and after that kept reminding me, "Mummy, your beads are broken!"

I will be placing the Collar Necklace and "Triz" Cuff at Beads Cage from 20 Feb onwards. In case you spot the imperfection, just know that it is not part of the design.

The "Ruby" and "Emerald" Pearly Netted Bangles will also be displayed at Beads Cage.

Friday, February 19, 2010

March Class I - Collar Necklace

When it comes to bead embroidery, I usually do not think too much and just decide as I bead along. The “Collar Necklace” project centers around the turquoise cabochon which I had used as the focal piece. I bought this cabochon many years ago from Tibet and never got to use it until now. Then, I looked through my pile of cabochons and found some matching turquoise cabochons and coral cabochons for contrast.

I am not exactly a “goldie” person but I stuck to my favourite metallic gold/supra gold/dark gold seed beads to bead embroider the body. I completed the project over a period of time but it wasn’t as tedious or complicated as it looks.

For the ‘Collar Necklace’ class in March, students will learn how to construct the collar necklace from beginning to end. This class is slightly different from previous as it will be more theoretical and I am letting the students to think carefully on the design before embarking on the project, thus only partial materials are provided.

The class is fully registered at the moment. If you like to be put on waitlist, please email us.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Inspiration from Triz Designs

I first knew about Triz Designs from the Etsy Beadweavers team. I visited the site and was intrigued by the beautiful pieces created by Ms Patricia Tager. She does all kinds of beadweaving works but mainly on bead embroidery. Her signature cuffs are absolutely gorgeous, simple but yet sophisticated.

While planning for my upcoming class on Part III of the 'Art of Bead Embroidery' series, I was thinking about Triz’s embroidered cuffs and thought it would be good if I can introduce them to my students. So, I wrote in to Triz to ask for her permission to allow me to use her design concept. She replied me the next day and said “Yes”!

I started to work on the project eagerly and this is the cuff I created using a stoneware cabochon. To be honest, I am not satisfied with how it turned out. It has the ingredients of Triz’s design, i.e. an embroidered cabochon resting on a metal cuff, but I thought the result is quite different.

Then I worked on my second piece, this time using a smaller glass cabochon and again resting on the metal cuff without any added embroidery work. Again, it didn’t seem right.

I am disappointed for not been able to replicate the captivating look of Triz’s cuffs. It tells me one thing though, i.e. I may be able to copy the design but I can never capture the unique style of the designer.

Anyway, it was a good learning experience. I will still be covering this project (on the techniques, the dos and don’ts) in the upcoming class together with the Collar Necklace project. I am sure my students would do a better job.

It was a joy corresponding with Triz and again, I would like to thank her for her graciousness. Her inspiring and stunning pieces are certainly a work of art. Please visit her site at to view her beautiful collections.

You may view the class details here.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Baby Items for Sale

Dear Friends,

I have a new blog at, set up to sell off some of our pre-loved items. Starting the list are my baby's furniture and toys, and you will find more updates in time to come.

Thank you,

Pearly Netted Bangle V - Emerald

Here's the "Emerald" version of my Pearly Netted Bangle. As I couldn't find suitable green crystal pearls, this piece was stitched entirely with the 'Palace Green Opal' and 'Emerald' Swarovski crystals.

Watch out for my "Sapphire" bangle in a different design!

Materials Kits
: 2 sets available @
$30 each
includes TOHO Permanent Galvanised Seed Beads, Mix of Emerald & Palace Green Opal Swarovski Crystals in 4mm, 6mm & 8mm and 1 Bali Silver "S" hook clasp

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Gong Xi Fa Cai

Wishing all our Chinese beaders a
Happy and Prosperous New Year!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Pearly Netted Bangle IV - FULL CLASS

The class on 'Pearly Netted Bangle' is fully registered. If you are interested in the class, please drop us your name and we will inform you on the next available class.

I am sorry that I am not accepting any more orders for the project kits. If you have missed this round of ordering, you may email us to be put on waitlist for next batch of materials. Alternatively, you can purchase the manual and source the pearls on your own.

Thank you.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Pearly Netted Bangle Part III

This bangle was completed yesterday. I have used the TOHO seed beads instead of Czech Rep. seed beads, so as to see the difference between the two kinds. The challenging part was using 1 colour to do the netting. I had to unpick so many times because the pattern can get quite confusing.

Red is one of my favourite colours and recently I have seen many fine jewellery paired with red ruby stones which look absolutely stunning. The closest I could find from Swarovski crystal pearls range is the crystal Bordeaux, named after the world's leading fine wine region in Southwest France. I mixed it with Dark Red Corals crystals and I think it is a good combination. In my opinion, the photo doesn't do justice to the actual piece as it is unable to capture the richness and sparkle of the stones.

I plan to wear it for my baby's baptism on Sunday, so now I have a good excuse to shop for a matching dress to go with it!

In case, you are planning to make a similar piece in time for Lunar New Year, I am sorry to inform that the seed beads are out of stock! The pearls and crystals were purchased from Beads Cage which also sells a good range of seed beads. I am planning to stitch my next piece in GREEN. I may offer materials kit in this combinations (pearls + crystals). Email me if you are interested.

Only 1 seat left for the Pearly Netted Bangle class, do sign up fast if you have not done so!

Monday, February 1, 2010

February Class - Pearly Netted Bangle Part II

*Students who purchase more than 1 set, would get $5 off each subsequent set.

We are offering 4 combinations for the 'Pearly Netted Bangle' materials choice. They are:

1. Burgundy Pearl + Silverlined Purple + Opaque Black
2. Brown Pearl + Silverlined Rootbeer + Metallic Iris Gold
3. Black Pearl + Opaque Black + Silverlined Grey
4. Creamrose Pearl + Supra Gold + Pearl White

These kits are available ONLY for the class projects and sale to students** who had previously attended our Bead Netting classes.

**To students: Each kit costs $28 (inclusive of manual). If you prefer to purchase your own materials, the manual costs $10. You may like to check out Beads Cage which offers a wide range of Swarovski crystal pearls. You will need 3mm, 4mm, 6mm and 8mm pearl sizes.

To place an order for the kit, please kindly email me by 8 Feb 10.

February Class - Pearly Netted Bangle Part I (FULL)

In February, we will be re-running our tubular bead netting technique class. For those who have missed our previous two classes, here's your chance to sign up!

The 'Pearly Netted Bangle' is in graduated thickness with generous embellishments of Swarovski crystal pearls and round crystals. There are two variations to the design; 1) Embellishments at the centre portion, or 2) Embellishments throughout the bangle. This class project is slightly varied from previous lessons but you will be taught the basics of tubular bead netting.

Date/Day: 20 Feb 10, Saturday
Time: 3pm - 5pm
Course Fee: $65* (inclusive of materials/loan of tools)

Location: Beads Cage, Centrepoint
Registration: Online or in person at Beads Cage
Materials: To be updated.

*Please note that only Swarovski crystal pearls will be supplied in the class kit. Students are advised to bring their own Fireline thread, if not Nymo thread will be supplied. All materials are available for sale at Beads Cage.

For students who had previously completed our Bead Netting Class, you may purchase the project kit which is inclusive of the design manual. More details on materials choice and cost will be revealed in our next blog.