Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Russian Rondelles

One of our students asked about using the newly launched rondelles with the Russian Spiral technique. Yes, it can be done. Here is a small section, stitched with the 6 x 4mm rondelles with 3mm Swarovski crsytal pearls. For 1.5" section, I used 33 rondelles and 66 pearls/beads. Thus, for 17" length (it will shrink to 16" due to the bulkiness of the cord), you will need about 380 rondelles and 750 units of pearls/beads.

From my experience, Size 8/0 seed beads (which is almost equivalent to 3mm beads) are not suitable when working with rondelles. This is because the rondelles are wide and flat, so you need the round beads to fill in the gaps nicely. You do not have to use crystal pearls, any round beads are fine.

For light coloured beads, you may like to use the crystal white Fireline or Nymo thread as bits of threads can be seen.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

New Products - Rubies!

Those who saw my crochet necklace worn at the Beady Party would have agreed that those glass rondelles are simply irresistable! The good news is I have managed to bring in some of these glass rondelles. They are available in 3 colours for now and I am waiting for the RED one to arrive. I had to return the first batch because they weren't right.

You can be rest assured (my gurantee) that these glass beads have the same luster and sparkle as the red ones I have. The facets and traces of lead in the rondelles give them the shine that is almost comparable to crystal rondelles.

You may PRE-ORDER them and it will take about 2 weeks to reach you. The details and costs can be found at my online shop.

Monday, September 27, 2010

A Beautiful Necklace by Wyndi Chin

Wyndi sent me a photo of her latest project this morning. I am in awe of her stunning work! It is very nicely embroidered and beautiful mix of materials. Thank you for sharing, Wyndi!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Beady Party 18 September 2010

A memorable day, filled with fun, laughter, food, drinks and BEADS! A big "Thank You" to Beady Girl's supporters!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Win Beady Girl's Jewellery!

(Article from Expat Living)

Win one of three necklaces worth over $200 each in Expat Living Magazine September issue.

Three lucky readers will soon be adorning their outfits with these gorgeous pieces.

Turquoise Crochet Rope, $220

Cleopatra herself would have died for this colourful Egyptian inspired piece. It's versatile, too, so if you find the crocheted chain a little too much for dayway, you can remove the bejeweled turquoise centrepiece and thread it onto something plainer, then switch back again for extra va va voom.

Emerald Cellini, $261

Instantly become a Greek Goddess in this hand-stitched tribute to Mount Olympus. The twisted golden rope made of glass beads perfectly sets off a deep-green Emerald pendant enthroned by more gilded beads.

Antique Brassy Necklace, $298

Add a touch of glamour to any outfit with these metal beads frosted with Swarovski crystal pearls. It's a subtle nod to a vintage look redolent of a rediscovered brass antique, without being too bold or past it.

These are just a small selection of Beady Girl's stylish range that is meticulously handcrafted by its founder, Cynthai Poh. You can also commission Cynthia to make a one-of-a-kind piece to love forever. Not only does Beady Girl produce stunning statement and bespoke jewellery, it also sells make-your-own sets that can be ordered online. The beginner packs are a great introduction to beading or you can hone your skills with an intermediate design.

To commission your own piece or to find out more about Beady Girl, visit Beads Cage at 176 Orchard Road, #02-24A, Centrepoint, call 6733 2480 or visit

(entries close 30 September 2010)

Monday, September 13, 2010

Beady Party I - Simply Red

One of the dress code requirements for the forthcoming Beady Party is to wear own beaded jewellery. Being the host, I have to come up with something which my students have not seen it before. I decided to bead crochet with rondelles.

These "fat and short" rondelles almost drove me crazy when I first started the beginning rows. They don't sit nicely as they should and I was using one coloured 6mm by 4mm beads, which made it even more challenging. After trying a few times with the conventional method, I decided to switch to the jig from Studio Dax. The jig really helped alot in lining up the beads but I still didn't manage to do a decent row. Then I realised I have used the wrong crochet needle! For larger beads, the needle should be switched to a larger size and for this project I used a 1.65mm (1.5mm would have worked as well).

With the beginning rows all crochet properly, the rest was actually quite a breeze after that. My next problem was trying to find the right sized beadcaps to hide the two ends and after searching around in vain, I asked Belinda of BelLee Beadz if she happens to have any beadcaps of the large sizes. She did! She was very kind to pass on her bead cones which she bought from overseas to me! This necklace would not have been completed without her bead cones! Thank you very much, Belinda!

The rondelles are deep red and faceted throughout. The facets in these glass beads are really well-cut which make them look almost like Swarovski crystal rondelles. The photo does not do justice to the actual piece which looks really sparkling.

So, now that I have the necklace, I have to go search for an outfit!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Last Class @ Beads Cage

We had a fun and crazy time today at Beads Cage. Thank you, Ladies!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

An Inspiring Story

I read about this article in the Woman & Home Magazine (UK magazine) August issue and found the article very inspiring. Googled for Ms Sarah Herriot's jewellery and found her site here. She designs and makes very nice, elegant pieces. Check it out!