Monday, June 28, 2010

Doilies' Colour Choice

(This is for students who are joining the Doilies classes in July & August.)

I understand many of you love the Picasso Turquoise and Dark Red combination of the original Doilies piece. They are still out of stock from my supplier's supplier, thus I am unable to provide them for the class. They will, however, be available for sale later on.

I have come up with 5 different combinations of seed beads. This wouldn't be made possible without the valuable suggestions from some of the students. I have also provided a footnote on each combination which I hope will help you in your selection. Every effort has been made to show the true colour of the images but it may still differ slightly with the actual materials.

As I have limited supplies for the beads, please provide me with your 2 top choices. Please note that the border edging was stitched partially for this viewing. You should try to visualise several pieces of the doilies together when choosing your preferred colour.


Swarovski Crystal Pearl - Creamrose

Seed Beads A - White Pearl

Seed Beads B - Rainbow Light Gold

Border Beads - Supra Gold

Notes- For anyone who loves the cream with gold combination. The light gold may be a little overwhelming but the supra gold edging neutralises the overall look.


Swarovski Crystal Pearl - Black

Seed Beads A - Rainbow Dark Green

Seed Beads B - Black

Border Beads - Supra Gold

Notes - If you are a "Green" lover, then this rich green/black combination is for you. The result of this piece would be on the darker side. The supra gold edging gives it a grand look.


Swarovski Crystal Pearl - Light Gold

Seed Beads A - Transparent Red

Seed Beads - Rainbow Dark Orange

Border Beads - Supra Gold

Notes - I had my doubts when I did this combination; red and orange (never my favourite) but the result came out not too bad. In fact, it is my favourite of all. If you are a "RED" lover, the richness of the red, highlighted by the rainbow orange beads is indeed quite a beauty.


Swarovski Crystal Pearl - Powder Pink

Seed Beads A - Rainbow Rose

Seed Beads B - Sol Gel Grey

Border Beads - Silver (permanent finish)

Notes - This is a lighter colour combination and for those who like silver. It may look pale to some but the tinge of pink from the Rose Gold beads adds colour to the simple silverish grey piece. If you are planning to make the necklace for a casual wear, this may be a good choice.


Swarovski Crystal Pearl - Light Grey

Seed Beads A - Sol Gel Grey

Seed Beads B - Silverlined Grey

Border Beads - Black

Notes - I have done this combination for my Ogalala cuff, thanks to the reminder of my student, Fatima. The silverlined grey adds sparkle to the piece and always perfect for that little black dress you have. The colour is also neutral enough to be worn casually.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My Beading Box

I bought this acrylic box with cover from Beads Cage last Sunday. I converted it into a working box by inserting a bead mat in. The height is just nice for me to rest my hands while I bead and the best part of all, I can cover the box and put it away....away from my boys' little itchy fingers.

Monday, June 21, 2010

July Classes

Our July classes have been fully registered. If you wish to be put on waitlist, please kindly email me or leave your name with Beads Cage. Thank you.

Please see our July Calendar for more class information.


Level: Basic / Intermediate (knowledge of right-angle weave is required.)

Techniques: Right-angle weave, square stitch and netting

Date/Day/Time: 4 July, Sunday, 3pm - 5pm

Course Fee: $60


Level: Basic (knowledge of basic crochet is required.)

Technique: Bead Crochet

Date/Day/Time: 18 July, Sunday, 3pm - 5pm

Course Fee: $95

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Many of you would have known by now that my designs are usually simple and contemporary. This is probably by far my most elaborated necklace piece.

As the name suggests, the inspiration for this necklace comes from the crocheted doilies and the colour combination draws from my wedding cheongsam dress (turquoise dress with large red flowers prints). The seed beads used are the Picasso range, combined with my favourite Supra Gold seed beads. The piece goes very well with a white plain shirt (no collar kind), to bring out the vibrant turquosie and deep red colours.

I have not quite decided if I am going to run a class on this project or pack it into a project kit because of a delay/shortage in the picasso seed beads supply. In any case, I will be offering other colour combinations. I shall keep you posted later.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Permanent Finish Seed Beads

I have listed the Permanent Finish seed beads that I used for the 'Intricate Oval Links' bracelet for sale to students who may be interested to purchase the beads.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

New Colour - Intricate Oval Links Bracelet

This cuff is made with our newly imported seed beads, 'TOHO Permanent Finish in Black Diamond Opal Silverlined'. It looks silverish grey but has a very soft opal silver lining inside each seed bead, quite a unique colour.

You can make this cuff with a mix of opaque black seed beads for the alternating rings, or use two different sizes of rings for a variation.

This new colour has now been added to our list of material kits for the Intricate Oval Links Cuff at our online shop.