Tuesday, October 27, 2009

TOHO PERMANENT Galvanized Seed Beads

Beady Girl will be bringing in some Size 11 Toho Permanent Galvanized Seed Beads in Silver, Matte Silver, Gold and Matte Gold by mid November. These are the new PERMANENT galvanized beads by TOHO where the finish is less susceptible to being rubbed/chipped off.

Matte Gold Galvanized PermanentMatte Silver Galvanized Permanent
Gold Galvanized Permanent
Silver Galvanized Permanent

My personal experience with these seed bead has been good so far. I have used the Silver beads for my oval links bracelet and the finish has stayed stable to date. I am excited about the Matte Silver and Matte Gold range. So far the only matte round beads that we carry are the Supra seed beads range. Though their colours are pretty stable, I am not totally satisfied with their colour tones.

These beads will be packed differently from my previous 5gm packs. The prices would be determined later but be rest assured that they would not cost more than my Delica seed beads.

If you are interested in these permanently galvanized TOHO seed beads, do send me a note so that I can estimate the demand for them.

Christmas Shopping
Shop early for your beads supplies with Beady Girl! If there are any backorders, they will be replenished by mid November.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Netting Class in December (FULL CLASS)

Updates as of 21 Oct : This class has been fully registered. Thank you for your interest.
Dear Beaders

Thank you very much for your interest and support for the Netting Class. It is scheduled to be conducted on 6 December, Sunday, 3pm - 5pm at Beads Cage. As we received an overwhelming response for the re-run of this class, we can only confirm your seat upon receipt of full payment. There are only 7 seats available for this class.

You may register either
online or in person at Beads Cage. Please read through our registration policy if this is your first time registering with us. If you have any further queries, please feel free to contact us.

Thank you once again.


Saturday, October 10, 2009

A Glimpse of Netted Bangle

Here's a sneak preview of our November 'Netting' class project. The students will be creating a necklace and a bangle with slight variation to the technique.

The class on 1 November is fully registered. There have been requests for a re-run in December. If you would like to join us for this class, please drop us your name and we will keep you informed.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

a birthday present..............

This bracelet was specially custom made for my good friend, Lis's (Simple Arts Planet) birthday in October.

The inspiration for this design was drawn from the lovely Serpentine donut pendant which I bought from Beads Cage. The pendant has a very lovely soft olive green base with natural lines in gold hues. I know Lis would like that "organic" look especially when olive green is one of her favourites.

I thought of a few stitching techniques and finally settled on using the Herringbone (flat and tubular) stitch to create simple bracelet bands on both sides of the pendant. We are both into simple jewellery and trying to make it too bling would only mask the beauty of the pendant. The challenging part of the project was finding the right seed beads colour to match the pendant. Going with the gold seed beads was not my first choice as I know Lis is more of a "silver" person. However, silver beads would not work in this case as there is too much negative contrast with the gold hues on the pendant. Hence, the matte gold beads were used instead and I think the combination worked out nicely.

This bracelet is actually my second version. The first set of bands was stitched too narrowly and did not look right. I undid and stitched another set of the bands with broader width. The juxtaposition of the new bands and pendant couldn't have been any better.

The present has been received by Lis and she has written a very lovely blog on it with pictures attached.

Thank you, Lis and have an enjoyable birthday!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Beads Cage in Perth?

This beads shop (The Bead Cage) is located inside Floreat Shopping Mall in Perth. I took a picture of it as I was amused by its shop name which (almost) resembles the beads shop (Beads Cage) where I conduct my classes.

Monday, October 5, 2009

November Classes Open for Registration

Our November classes are now open for registration.

NETTING (1 Nov 09)
This class is fully registered. Please kindly email us if you would like to be put on waitlist.

Coraling is a popular beading technique in Russia. It looks challenging but is actually a relatively simple technique to master. In this class, we learnt about the basics of coraling and make a stunning 'leaf-drop" design necklace, completed with a simple right-angle weave technique.

Level: Basic
Techniques: Coraling & Right-Angle Weave
Class: 1 session (2 hours)
Course Fee: $60 (inclusive of materials/loan of tools)
Date/Day/Time: 21 Nov 09, Saturday, 3pm - 5pm
Registration: Online or in person at Beads Cage