Saturday, August 8, 2009

Vacation Notice 13 - 24 August 09

I will be travelling from 13 - 24 August. Our online store will be closed during this period and any orders received will be processed after my return. If you have any queries on the classes, please kindly contact Beads Cage directly.

Thank you!

Monday, August 3, 2009

'Rivolis Rings' Bracelet Part II

Pre-Order for 'Rivolis Rings' Materials Kit

Step 1:

Choose ten 10.7mm rivolis from the list of colours available as shown below. I used a mix of Fuschia and Light Rose rivolis for mine. You can order as many or as little rivolis you like, no restrictions on the number.

Step 2:
Choose either Size 15 Galvanised Gold Metallic Seed Beads or Size 15 Galvanised Silver Metallic Seed Beads.

Step 3:
Email your request to by 10 August.

- The Delica seed beads will be matched according to your rivolis choice.
- A simple instructional note will be enclosed with the kit.
- Please note that Beady Girl will not be carrying stocks of these rivolis and if you need more, we will have to make a special order.

My "5-minute" Project - Rivolis Rings Bracelet Pt I

No, I didn't stitch this bracelet in 5 minutes time, but in many, many intervals of 5-minute. Now that I am so tied down with my kids and household chores, having time to bead is a rarity. Nevertheless, I am glad to finish this project in time for August.

The 'Rivolis Rings' bracelet was created in conjunction with our September class on 'Rivolis Chain' bracelet. I wanted to show the flexibiity of the techniques in two different designs. Both involve creating bezeled rivolis and attached to tubular peyote rings. These are just two of the designs and there are many ways you can play around with the two elements.

For the 'Rivolis Rings' bracelet, I have used 10.7mm round rivolis and size 15 seed beads to stitch up the tubular peyote rings. This project calls for the size 15 seed beads as they will make the bracelet more intricate as compared to using the size 11 seed beads. The rings are made in varying sizes to make it look more abstract. I finished the project by applying a layer of DesignaSeal to seal in the silver coating on the metallic seed beads.

If you like to learn how to create this bracelet, a similar course on 'Rivolis Chain' bracelet will be introduced in September. Tips on creating the 'Rivolis Rings' bracelet will be discussed.

If you are already an experienced beader and would like to create the 'Rivolis Rings' bracelet, you may purchase our materials kit (see below) and a simple instructional note will be enclosed. Please note that you have to know how to stitch bezels and circular peyote rings in order to complete the project.

Pre-Order for the Materials Kit
~ 10.7mm Swarovski Crystal Rivolis - 10 units ($25)

~ Size 15 Miyuki Galvanised Metallic Seed Beads - 20gm ($10.80)
~ Size 11 Delica Seed Beads - 5gm ($4.50)

Total Kit Cost : $40.30

If you are interested in the kit, please make a pre-order by 10 August by sending us an email at The kits will be available after 24 August.

August Crafter - Rachel Nelson-Smith

It is my great pleasure to introduce our August Crafter - Beadmaster Rachel Nelson-Smith, who is also the person behind my fanatic over seed beads weaving.

I used to live very close to downtown San Mateo in the Bay Area and there is a beads store called Beading Frenzy which I frequent regularly. On one of those visits, the shop was promoting a course on Basic Peyote Cuff. I did not know what peyote stitch is then as I did mostly stringing and wire-works. However, Rachel's stunning cuff convinced me to sign up for the class. One class led to another and the rest is history.

Rachel is a very talented master beadweaver and has a distinctive style to her works. Here is an extract from her biography " is infused with her unique combination of fabrication techniques. With a wealth of knowledge and fearless adventure, needle and tools shape bold and vibrant works alive with enormous energy and dynamism. Finding inspiration in surrounding nature, pure color, and beads themselves, Rachel creates pieces reflecting the world she sees around her." (read about her full bio)

Rachel teaches extensively throughout the country and at national beads show like the Bead & Button in US. Her choice of materials makes her works so vibrant. Not forgetting the designs are unique but yet practical and sophisticated at the same time. I have been fortunate to learn from Rachel as she is always so gracious in sharing her knowledge.

Rachel has had her projects published in several beading periodicals and come this September, she will have her first book, entitled 'Seed Bead Fusion' published! It contains 18 gorgeous projects with detailed directions, designing insights, and etc. A preview of the projects are available at her homepage. It has my favourite Ootheca Cuff project which I am sure anyone will fall in love with it. (Read more about the book from Ms Jean Campbell's review)

To Rachel : Heartiest congratulations on the launch of your book and thank you for the wonderful beading experiences I had with you.

Photos are courtesy of Rachel Nelson.