Sunday, April 19, 2009

Press : Silver Chain Bracelet Featured in DOTE

Beady Girl's new 'Intricate Oval Chain' bracelet is featured in one of Dote's latest nursing wear collection.

This bracelet is another variation from the round links, that is created using tubular, increase and decrease peyote stitches. The links are shaped in oval and embellished with Swarovski crystal pearls at intervals. The finished bracelet looks bold but yet sleek. It is a wonderful match with Dote's black 'Sienna Halter' dress.

Dote is founded by Ms Dorothy Loh who also designs for the brand. The nursing dresses are so stylish but yet functional. I am particularly impressed with the slit openings in the underlayers as they are so cleverly hidden that no one would even guess it is a nursing wear! Dorothy also owns and designs for Dotted Line (women's wear label) which she started in 2006. You may recall one of her beautiful dresses, the 'Carnival Dress' that is currently featured in Beady Girl's 'Mix & Match' Gallery.

I am proud to own a few pieces from Dorothy's creations and am sure to add more in the near future. Whether you are looking for nursing wear or love beautiful dresses, do check out the wonderful collections from this talented designer!

The "Last" Class

Beady Girl conducted her "last" class at Beads Cage on 18 April 09 and will be taking a short break after that.

Russian Spiral Class

I would like to thank all the students for their kind support, especially those who have followed Beady Girl through the many courses. Also, not forgetting the staff (Yvonne, Christine & Vivian) from Beads Cage who have promoted the courses earnestly.

I will be working on new techniques and designs, and hope to present the new courses when I return. In the meantime, stay tuned to our website and blog for updates periodically.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Extending the Life of your Seed Beads

I have often been asked if the colour coating on the seed beads will wear off over time. The answer is unfortunately a YES. No matter what brands or types, the coating does come off or fade after a long period of time, though the better brands will probably take a longer time than its inferior counterparts. Other factors include the technology used in coating the beads, e.g. baked on or dyed, the types of finishes, e.g. galvanised or opaque, and etc.

Recently, I enquired through a seed beads supplier on protecting the coating and this is what she said:

"The metallic color of the glass seed beads may chip or wear away when handled for long periods of time or left in direct sunlight. Like our galvanized silver Delica seed beads, you may be able to extend the life of the bead's color by applying an artist's fixative, such as DesignaSeal."

Another advice came from an editor from Bead & Button Magazine.

"You can temporarily string the beads, spray them with fixative, and then remove them from the strands. You'll want to turn the beads or roll them around and use a couple coats of the fixative to make sure the beads are evenly covered. Make sure to let the fixative dry between each coating."

Personally, I have not tried the artist's fixative spray yet and will probably give it a try sometime later. My tips are:

- Avoid exposing your seed beaded jewellery or seed beads under direct sunlight.
- Clean your jewellery after each wear.
- When working with the seed beads, make sure your hands are clean as sweat can react with the finish on the beads.
- Keep them in cool, dry areas.
- Use good quality/branded seed beads.

Beady Girl carries two main brands of seed beads at her online store. The Czech Rep. seed beads are mainly from Jablonex, which is the world number one company in the production seed beads and elite in their categoary. The Supra seed beads range is from another company and I was informed the finish is a baked-on metallic finish which is more durable than sprayed on metallic finish. The Japanese seed beads are from the renowned Miyuki, the first Japanese seed bead maker. Its online site provides information on the colour durability of its seed beads.

Although I cannot guarantee the colour durability of the seed beads, but I hope the information and tips provided can help to prolong the lives of your masterpieces.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Pearly Bangle Design - FREE

Beady Girl has come up with her latest design on her signature 'Bollywood Bangle'. Instead of embellishing it with Swarovski crystals and cross-stitches across the bangle, the bangle is stitched with Swarovski crystal pearls in criss-cross pattern throughout. This pattern is also suitable for the 'Bollywood Cuff'.

To receive a free hard copy of this design, simply make a purchase of Swarovski crystal pearls 3mm for the project at Beads Cage from 4 April onwards. Please note that the manual contains instructions on the design technique only. If you are not familiar with our 'Bollywood Cuff' or 'Bollywood Bangle' projects, this manual is not suitable for your usage. Beady Girl will not entertain any enquiries if you have not attended these classes.

New Mailing Address

With effect from 3 April 09, please kindly forward all mails to our new postal address at

Beady Girl
VBox 886959
Singapore 919191

Thank you.