Friday, May 28, 2010

Great Singapore Sale @ Beads Coffret

Enjoy 10% discount on Beady Girl's finished jewellery at Beads Coffret during the Great Singapore Sale. Promotion period ends 30 June.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Project / Materials Kits

Our project kits are now available as full (everything inclusive) or partial (materials only or manual only) packs. Most of the packs are exclusive of the needles and thread as we understand that you may already have them. However, they can also be purchased separately if you need.

Check out our online kits shop now! More new kits will also be added soon.

New Materials Kit - Intricate Oval Links Cuff / Necklace

If you have taken or will be taking our class on Intricate Oval Links Cuff, you may purchase additional materials kits. These kits are available for sale from 13 June at our online shop and Beads Cage. You may pre-order them using our shopping cart.

Friday, May 21, 2010

New Project Kit - Endless Spiral Necklace

The Endless Spiral Necklace is a simple, fun and beautiful necklace to create. Using the spiral rope technique, you will learn how to create an opera length necklace without the use of a clasp. The combinations of materials are endless and we have 3 project kits to begin with.

The Black Agate Kit comprises of Flat Oval Black Agate beads, 12mm beads, and Copperlined Black Diamond and Opaque Black seed beads. The flat ovals are not totally black and has a tinge of brown with greyish lines on some of the beads. This kit is suitable for those who like 'Black'.

The Red Raku Kit comprises of raku finished porcelain oval beads, Swarovski crystal pearls, and Metallic Dark Gold and Picasso Dark Red seed beads. The finish on these porcelain beads is simply fabulous. I have combined them with the gold pearls to bring out the richness of the red. This kit is suitable for those who like 'Red'.

The Tigereye Kit has been our old time favourite for a long time. It comprises of the oval Tigereye gemstones with Swarovski crystal pearls in Brown, Honey pressed glass beads, and Dark Opaque Chocolate Brown and Metallic Dark Gold seed beads. Although the tone of these Tigereye stones is slightly different from our previous Tigereye kits, the whole combination is suitable for those who love the earthy tone.

These kits are available for sale from 1 June at our online shop and Beads Cage. If you would like to pre-order, please visit our
online shop to place an order.

BONUS: 'Double Spiral' Technique instructions are included for any purchase of the full or materials kits!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Vacation Notice 19 - 24 May 2010

I will be away from 19 till 24 May. Orders or queries received during this period will be handled after my return. Thank you!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Project Kit - Coral Netted Necklace

This is probably one project that I have done so many pieces. My latest is using Coral Beads with Czech. Picasso Turquoise seed beads.

The Coral beads used in this project are not the Red Meditarranean Corals that have now become endangered species (the Coral Reefs off Italian Coast have now been permanently closed). These corals are Bamboo Corals which are the highest quality dyed corals (the natural colour is generally grey). The dyed beads have a tinge of orange in the redness.

The netted bracelet is stitched with Picasso (appearance of a raku finish) turquoise and opaque seafoam seed beads. It is embellished with the Corals all around and completed with a peyote-stitch clasp.

I have made a bracelet here to show the result of the project but the project kit sold is for a complete necklace. It is probably hard to imagine without seeing the actual piece but I would pair the necklace with a white blouse for a smart casual look. It is for anyone who loves the turquoise/coral combination!

For this project, I have also done something different. I used the 4lb test Fireline thread (double threads) instead of the usual 6lb test because the Czech seed beads have smaller bead holes. The corals are stitched onto the bracelet with Nymo Size D Red as I do not like the smoky grey thread from Fireline to show on the piece.

Who is this kit for?

This kit is for students who have already mastered the Pearly Netted Bracelet or Necklace. It will not include the manual unless you do not have the netted necklace manual.

What is in the kit?

3mm coral beads - 96 units
4mm coral beads - 96 units
6mm coral beads - 60 units
8mm coral beads - 57 units

Size 11 Picasso blue turquoise seed beads - 20gm
Size 11 Opaque seafoam seed beads - 10gm
Size 15 Luster turquoise seed beads - 10gm

Nymo Size D Thread in Red (sufficient length to embellish the necklace)
#12 Beading Needle - 1 unit

The coral beads are only sufficient to make a necklace unlike the other gemstone kits. However, you would probably have a small number remaining after completing the project, depending on how your construct your necklace. You can mix them with other beads to make a bracelet as the seed beads quantities should be sufficient.

The coral beads will be sold in the quantities as stated above. You can, however, change the seed beads if you do not like turquosie. For example, pair the coral beads with bright silver/gold seed beads.

Cost of the kit?

S$110 for the Coral/Turquoise set. If you choose other seed beads, the cost is S$100. Free postage within Singapore.

Addtional Material to consider:

Fireline 4lb test - S$13.50
Beeswax 1 bar - S$4

How to place an order?

Email me directly at to place your order. I have limited sets available.


Returns will be allowed if they are in original packagings. You will be responsible for the postage costs incurred by both parties.

Friday, May 7, 2010

June Class - Intricate Oval Links


Links of chain are commonly seen in today's fashion and here is an interesting way to stitch them together with peyote technique. Learn how to create both circuar and oval links and stitch them together with Swarovski crystal pearls. Students will also be taught different design ideas and how to transform it from office to glamour wear.

Level: Intermediate (Knowledge of basic Peyote Stitch is required)
Technique: Tubular Peyote Stitch
Class: 2 sessions
Hours: 2 hours each
Date/Day/Time: 13 June & 20 June, Sunday, 3pm- 5pm
Cost: S$130
Registration: Online or in person at Beads Cage
Location: Beads Cage, #02-24A Centrepoint.

Please log in to our class registration for more information.

For students who had previously attended the circular intricate links, can purchase the materials + manual from June onwards. More details will be available later.

Thursday, May 6, 2010 Revamped!

This month marks Beady Girl's 6th anniversary and we have a revamped website to present to you! With the new site, you would notice the menu has been changed, especially the online shop which now only contains project kits and finished jewellery. We are sorry that we have decided to cease selling the beading materials but the good news is more of Beady Girl's projects will be made available through project or materials kits.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Calie
of DoneJustForYou who has helped me professionally in revamping the site. She has been extremely patient, helpful, and gone beyond her scope of duties to help me with the design. Although we are in different time zones, we actually manage to "meet" online to get the site done up. Thank you very much, Calie!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Pearly Netted Necklace - Antique Brass

I recently completed another netted necklace piece using Swarovski Crystal pearls. For this necklace, I used "heavy" metal seed beads in dark copper and brass and embellished with Antqiue Brass crystal pearls. The final piece is pretty weighty!

I find the Antique Brass quite a unique colour and not a popular choice as far as I know. The reason why I did this combination is because I have this bag of heavy metal seed beads in Brass and thought it will be nice to mix with Brass beads. Personally, I find the heavy metal seed beads quite difficult to work with because of the curved "sharp" edges. The good news however is that they give a very uniform look to the final piece. Overall, I love how the necklace turns out. A good glam accessory to own!

It's May already!

Welcome to the beautiful month of May!

This month, we have some new arrivals at Beads Coffret. They are my latest fetish on Fused Glass Rings! Besides working with my favourite colours, I ventured into some new colour combinations. The rings are attached to adjustable ring bases so one size fits all. Of all, my favourite is the "Sakura Ring" (second from left). I got the inspiration from a home decor article which I read recently that has beautiful pictures of the nature. I think I will try out more of such designs in the near future.