Friday, December 31, 2010

Coffee Table Book - Beady Girl

'Beaded Jewellery by Beady Girl Volume 1' showcases Beady Girl's beaded jewellery of all categories. It is a collection of projects she has taught during the 4 years in Singapore. The photo journal is now available for viewing at Beads Cage (#02-24A Centrepoint) or you may visit our site for online viewing.

Here's wishing all a very Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

"Closer" Necklace

In 2004 'Closer' film, Julia Roberts wore a necklace at the gallery scene. My husband pointed it out to me that I should make a similar necklace to sell. While it was easy to imitate, it was not exactly easy to find the right materials. I created an inspired one using red horn beads with black-lip shell leaves, and sold it at the Redwood City Farmers' Market then.

Recently (6 years later), while clearing up my stuff, I came across the poster with the photo of Julia Roberts wearing the necklace. I started to have thoughts of recreating the necklace. I looked through my pile of beads and came up with Swarovski Coral pearls with some bronze metallic leaves. The completed necklace has almost similar colourways as JR's necklace but still doesn't look close. I am not completely satisfied with it and shall continue my quest to look for the perfect beads!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

3-tier Necklaces

I love to wear long necklaces whenever I can. I like the way it dresses up my outfit instantly while my baby used to hold on to it like a "lifeline"! I was at The Shophouse Fair last November and saw a vendor selling beaded jewellery from Indonesia. I spotted this 3-tier black pearls necklace strung with metallic silver string. It is very simply made but makes a huge statement. Costing only S$15, I bought the necklace.

With the inspiration from this necklace, I used Spiral Rope technique to create the bone of the necklace and attached 3 layers (6 strings in total) of seed beads and 4mm, 6mm beads. The Turquoise Silver was created with opaque turquoise and picasso turquoise rondelles while the Golden Emerald was a luxurious spread of Swarovski round crystals. The formulations of the two necklaces are slightly different.

The variations to the design are endless and different beads give you different looks. The Turquoise Silver is more for smart casual because of its picasso finish while the Swarovski crystals give a more glamourous effect on the outfit. I will be trying other beads/colour combinations when I get a chance!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Seasons Greetings!

The idea to create this "Tiffany" inspired bracelet came after I watched the Tiffany & Co's romantic holiday commercial. It was stitched with the Right Angle Weave, using 6x4mm Opaque Turquoise rondelles, Swarovski crystal chatons in 4-hole setting, Size 15 seed beads and a rectangular Swarovski crystal button.

There is nothing fanciful about the stitch, just the good old RAW technique. The only difference is to incorporate the chatons and Size 15 seed beads as you weave the rondelles together. Rondelles, when stiched in a RAW form tend to show the connecting thread, so stitching with the seed bead helps to conceal the thread. The most challenging part has to be weaving with the chatons because the needle goes through the holes from side to side. If you encounter one (many you will find) with uneven holes, you may either have to forsake the chaton or unravel your work and start again because it could be up to the last hole where it simply refuses to accomodate the bulk of the the threads (Fireline 4lbs)! And yes, prepare lots of needles. I broke countless along the way.

This RAW bracelet probably took me the longest time I have ever worked on a single project! If you like to try the project, do hand-pick the good chatons first and this would cost you less frustration.

Thank you all who have left lovely feedbacks, makes it all worthwhile to create this bracelet!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Back to Basics

When I first took up jewellery making, it was basic stringing that I learnt from Tanja Sadow (of JDMIS). It was also the class that got me hooked onto jewellery making.

So, on this lazy afternoon where my boys are napping and I have "nothing better to do", I decided to string up a necklace!

This necklace measures about 15.5" long when worn and comprises of ceramic beads in turquoise (with raku finish) and red glass rondelles.

I know I am boring, always working with turquoise and red but that's my colour! :) The best part of this project is that it took me only 10 mins to complete!