Tuesday, October 19, 2010

New Project Kit - Doilies

Our Doilies Kits in original colours (Picasso Turquoise & Dark Red with Supra Gold) are now available for sale at Beads Cage (#02-24A Centrepoint).

Level : Intermediate (Knowledge of Peyote Stitch & Right-Angle Weave is required)

Project Kit with manual - S$64

Materials Kit - S$49

Monday, October 18, 2010

A Collaboration

Izel's Sun-Drop Pendant first caught my fancy when it was launched as a class project. I finally got around to order one from the master recently. The green stone (oops, sorry Izel, I forgot the stone's name) was intricately wired around and embellished with Swarovski crystal pearls.

Next, I had to decide which beading stitch to go with the pendant. I didn't want the chain to be too loud as the focus should be on the pendant so I thought of all the stitches I know and finally settled on St Petersburg stitch. I used the TOHO permanent galvanised silver and olive green seed beads to do the beading.

The photograph on the right was taken by the expert, Mr Cliff Lim, at the photography workshop.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


This was made specially for an Australian client who spotted the necklace at my online gallery. Named "Glamour", half of the necklace is made up of embroidered onyx cabochons while the other half is strung with onyx coin beads and Swarovski Crystal pearls.
Although it looks similar to my earlier piece done three years ago, this "Glamour" necklace has its own unique characteristics. For example, I have included more black seed beads on the embroidery part to complement the black onyx cabochons. And since it was a custom order, the length and choice of materials were also discussed with the client. Similar but yet different.

Thank you Danielle, for giving me the chance to remake this necklace again. It certainly brings back alot of memories when I did the first piece. :)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

NEW PROJECT KITS - Pearly Netted Necklace

The long awaited Pearly Netted Necklace kits are now available for sale online and at Beads Cage (from 10 Oct onwards).

These lovely deep red pearls are mixed with the all-time favourite Supra Gold seed beads and Colourfast Bright Gold seed beads. The completed necklace stands out against a white/light coloured blouse.

These are greyish silver pearls mixed with Supra Silver seed bead and Black-Diamond seed beads and the necklace would look great against black/dark outfit.

Powder Almond
This is an earthy mix of Powder Almond crystal pearls with Matte Dark Bronze and Hybrid Brown seed beads. Great for earth tone lovers.

African Turquoise OUT OF STOCK
These gemstone beads are mixed with Opaque and Matte Black seed beads to bring out the dark tone from the gemstones. A strong coloured necklace.

Friday, October 1, 2010

New Camera Case

I always use my husband's hand-me-down cameras for my photography work. When the last one broke down unexpectedly, he bought me a new one. So, for once it is MINE and I know I have to "dress" it up with a nice case. I immediately thought of engaging Winniel of The Laughing House to customise the camera case for me. To date, I have 5 pouches from her and I simply love her works.

The case arrived today and it was just perfect!

Thank you, Winniel!