Saturday, September 19, 2009

'Web Pendant' Class

Here is a sneak preview of the project that we will be creating in our October 'Web Pendant' class. The cabochon used is a turquoise oval shaped one with accompanying seed beads in different hues of gold. The finished pendant is simply strung onto a 16" gold-plated 3mm neck wire (will be provided as part of the materials). Alternatively, students can create their own necklace chains.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Bead Embroidery

Many beaders shy away from bead embroidery because it seems complicated and there are few resources on this technique. However, once you learn it, you may probably find it one of the most satisfying beadwork you have done. I personally like this technique alot because there are so many variations you can apply and each gives a different effect.

In October, we are conducting our Bead Embroidery classes again. For beginners who are totally new to bead embroidery, our 'Embroidered Ring' is a good project to get started. The basics of this technique will be covered during the class and it is also a pre-requisite lesson for our subsequent intermediate bead emboridery classes.

Once you have mastered the basics, you can move on to our 'Web Pendant' project which covers more embroidery techniques, the dos and don'ts and of course our very own "web" design on the cabochon.

The 'Embroidered Cuff' is another intermediate class which we had conducted earlier this year. Due to a positive demand for this class, it will be re-run again soon. Hence, if you think you like to learn how to make the cuff but do not have the basic knowledge, do sign up for our 'Embroidered Ring'.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Class is Full

Thank you very much for your kind support. Our October 'Web Pendant' class is fully registered at the moment. If you are interested in this class and wish to be put on waitlist, please kindly email us or leave a comment here. We may re-run the class again if we have sufficient number of students.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Fused Glass Cabochons

I like to work with fused glass cabochons and have incorporated them in many of my projects. In our forthcoming class on 'Web Pendant', besides beading on a gemstone cabochon, the students will also be introduced to bead embroider on a glass cabochon. These glass cabochons have to be purcahsed separately (not part of the course fee) and it is not compulsory for students to purchase.

The glass cabochons used measure 4cm by 4cm square and will be specially fused by Creative Escape. They are also available for custom order to the public. Please place your order through our site and send it in by 10 October. If you have any queries, feel free to contact us at

Thursday, September 10, 2009

October Classes

Our October classes are now open for registration. As many have expressed interest in the classes, we would appreciate your kind registration and payment in order to secure the seats.

Embroidered Ring
Bead embroidery is a technique for adding beads onto fabric using tradition
al embroidery stitches. In Part I of our 'Art of Bead Embroidery' series, we will be creating a vintage looking ring with black onyx cabochon and beautiful seed beads. We will learn about the basic cabochon beading, edge variation and edge stitching. This is a pre-requisite class for our 'Web Pendant' project on 25 Oct.

Level: Beginner
Technique: Bead Embroidery
Class: 1 session (2 hours)
Course Fee: $60 (inclusive of materials/loan of tools)
Date/Day/Time: 11 Oct 09, Sunday, 3pm - 5pm
Registration: Online or in person at Beads Cage LIMITED SEATS LEFT

Web Pendant
In Part III of our 'Art of Bead Embroidery' series, we will learn more about the di
fferent edge variations, creating a bail and a unique webbed design by Cynthia for a focal pendant. We will also discuss about the different types of cabochons that are suitable for bead embroidery and the accompanying materials. Students will be using a Turquoise Cabochon for the class project and are encouraged to work on a glass cabochon as well. (Note: The glass cabochons have to be purchased separately.)

Level: Intermediate (Knowledge of basic bead embroidery is required)
Technique: Bead Embroidery
Class: 1 session (2 hours)
Course Fee: $70 (inclusive of materials/loan of tools)
Date/Day/Time: 25 Oct 09, Sunday, 3pm - 5pm
Materials:Turquoise Oval Cabochon

Saturday, September 5, 2009

September Classes

Our 'Peyote Stitch Frenzy' series are back! They are suitable for novices who would like to learn about seed bead weaving or experienced beaders who would like to bring their jewellery making skill to a new dimension.

Pearly Ring - A beginner's course on Peyote Stitch.

Level : Basic
Date/Day/Time : 6 Sep, Sunday, 3pm - 5pm
Location : Beads Cage @ Centrepoint

Registration : Closed. Class is FULL.

Rivolis Chain Bracelet - An intermediate class on Peyote Stitch which focuses on creating bezels for rivolis/cabochons.

Level : Intermediate (Basic knowledge of peyote stitch is required.)
Date/Day/Time : 13 & 27 Sep, Sunday, 3pm - 5pm
Location : Beads Cage @ Centrepoint
Registration :
Online or in person at Beads Cage