Friday, January 29, 2010

New Products - TOHO Seed Beads

Here are 4 new TOHO seed beads (Size 11) that are selling at our online shop.

Permanent Galvanized Dark Cranberry

Transparent Dark Topaz

Matte Metallic Khaki Iris

Montana Blue Gold Luster

New Products - Cabochons

I bought these cabochons from a closeout shop in US at great savings. Thus, these cabochons are priced very reasonably.

1) Green 3D "Flower 18x13mm ($1.50 each) - It looks rounder rather than oval and greener in real piece. Carved with floral patterns, the cabochon looks very much like a piece of Chinese jade.

2) Turquoise Oval 20x15mm ($5 each) - These bluish tone (with faint white lines) turquoise cabochons are great for pendant projects. Two of the units are a little more greenish.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

What's New in February?

Several students have asked me about the classes in February. The project on Tubular Bead Netting will be revealed early next week with more details. I am sorry for the delay as I run out of materials!

There will also be new products added to our online shop. They include Cabochons, Ultrasuede and Seed Beads. I am trying to take pictures of them soon. Stay tuned!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I will be away from 21 - 24 January. During this period, I do not have access to internet service and will not be able to process any orders. Any orders received will be delivered after my return.

I am placing an order with the glass artist for some glass cabochons. If you are interested in any custom-made glass cabochons (you may also specify your own size and shape), please send me your order by 24 January. You may refer to the glass chart here for the colours available. The costings are as follows:

4cm by 4cm - $8
3cm by 3cm - $8
2.5cm by 1cm - $3
1cm by 1cm - $2.50

February's class has been scheduled on 28 February, Sunday on Bead Netting. The project for this class differs from the previous bead netting class project. The completed piece will be revealed soon. For those who had already attended the previous bead netting class need not sign up as there will be project kits available for sale.

Monday, January 18, 2010

A Surprise Birthday Gift

Last Wednesday, the post-lady came knocking at my door to deliver a package. I was surprised to see that it is from 'The Laughing House' as I did not order any purse from her. Upon opening the package, I found a Long Accordian Purse and I thought maybe Winniel has sent to a wrong address??

Well, the purse is an early birthday present sent on behalf of my good friend, Lis (Simple Arts Planet). Lis has chosen the 'Sweet Jasmine in Mint' for the fabric and I love it since turquoise is my
favourite colour. I have actually been eyeing at this purse for awhile (Lis didn't know that) since Winniel introduced it in her shop. It is a good functional purse where you can keep cheque book, receipts, and etc and I intend to use it as my "finance" purse.

Thank you very much Lis, for your thoughtfulness and well wishes!

Photos are courtesy of The Laughing House.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

New Project - Egyptian Cuff

Gracing our frontpage is a bracelet I finished last week. I showed my husband the completed work and his first reaction was "It looks Egyptian!", hence the name 'Egyptian Cuff'.

The centrepiece is a fused glass cabochon, embroidered with Sizes 8 and 11 seed beads. The finished pendant was then stitched with flat herringbone technique for the bracelet bands. Size 8 seed beads have never been my preference in projects but in this case, I wanted to create a chunky look so the size was preferred.

This project will be offered as a class at a later time. But if you already know bead embroidery and flat herringbone stitches, give it a go, I am sure you will like it as much as I do.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Inspiration from Michael Kors Jewelry Part II

Yesterday, while waiting for my turn at my hair-stylist's salon, I picked up the Style Magazine December 2009 issue to read. On its cover, the model wore a long oval links sterling silver necklace by Paloma Piccaso (for Tiffany Jewellery), that looks almost identical to my oval links chain. I couldn't find the silver sterling silver at Tiffany's site but this is a similar piece of the 'Paloma's Links Toggle necklace'.

My necklace measures 16" long so it sits around my collar bone. I got my 3-year old son to model for me if the necklace is made longer.

For anyone who is interested to make a similar piece in bright silver, I would recommend using the Size 11 TOHO Permanent Finished Galvanised Silver seed beads.

Have fun (and lots of patience) beading this necklace!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Inspiration from Michael Kors Jewelry Part I

Michael Kors, a renowned fashion designer, is no stranger to those who follow the 'Project Runway' series. His classic, chic, yet sensible aesthetic on clothing styles are a favourite among the celebrities.

Last November, I came across an accessory piece from his collection, named 'Cha
in Link Necklace'. The necklace may look industrial-like but I find the chunky links exude feminity in the wearer. It costs US$700 for the piece.

Anyway, having seen the necklace, I decided to make an exaggerated version of the oval links using tubular peyote stitch. I used the TOHO matte silver for all the rings, except the center one which is in bright silver, for a subtle contrast effect. This project was pretty time-consuming as each ring took 30-40 minutes to complete. Now that I have completed and relooked at the original piece, I probably didn't need to make so many links, perhaps just the center portion and have some big beads/chains at the back.

Although my necklace looks far from Michael Kor's creation, it was a fun experience trying out the project.

Model photo is taken from Michael Kors website.