Thursday, May 28, 2009

Birth Announcement

We welcome with love our precious baby boy, Marcus Aurelius, born on 27 May 2009.

Cynthia & Lawrence Chin

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Closure of Online Beads Shop from 26 May - 9 June

Dear Customers/Students

Please be informed that our online beads shop will be closed temporarily from 26 May - 9 June 09. During this period, I will have no/limited access to my internet account. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Thank you for your kind understanding.



Monday, May 25, 2009

Double Coin Bracelet

Gracing our homepage front cover is my latest project, 'Double Coin Bracelet ', which is inspired by one of my student's (Ms Tan Hwee Thiang) necklace piece. Hwee Thiang wore a silver necklace with a lovely knot as the centrepiece which she has bought from England to my class. I was intrigued by the complexity of the knot that makes the simple necklace unique.

For my piece, I have used the Tubular Herringbone stitch to build the rope of the bracelet and twisted it into a Chinese Knot design called 'Double Coin'. The 'Double Coin' design mimics a classic Chinese decorative motif of two antique Chinese coins overlapping. The design was once believed by merchants to prosperity. It is also used to connote longevity. (quoted from Trinity London)

When I first saw Hwee Thiang's necklace, it did not strike me that the knot is the same 'Double Coin' knot. She has graciously sent me the picture of her necklace this evening and I realised both are the same!

In any case, this bracelet is a combination of the East and West jewellery making techniques and I think they work pretty well in this project.

Photo is courtesy of Hwee Thiang

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Green with Envy

Remember Angelina Jolie's $2.5 million Lorraine Schwartz Emerald teardrop dangles that she wore at the 2009 Oscar? It was truly a knockout and many "inspired pieces" soon emerge in the market after that.

Last year, I created a pendant using the round and pear shaped rivolis, which has the same design element as this pair of earrings. However, after seeing Angelina's beautiful Emerald earrings, I am very much inspired to create one as well. Here's my version of the Emerald earring (I have made only one unit).

I have used the Swarovski Crystal Emearld Rivoli 10.7mm with a vintage Swarovski Crystal Turmaline Teardrop Rivoli 13mm for the earring. They are both stitched with Tubular Peyote and joined together. Personally, I would have preferred the size of the teardrop to be much larger than the round rivoli and if possible, both to be in the same Emerald colour. (The Turmaline green looks a little Olive.)

The second pair of earrings is made with Siam rivolis and the scale of the stones work better in this project. (10.7mm round with 14x10mm teardrop)

If you are not into earrings, you may change the position of the bail and turn it into a sweet pendant which works beautifully as well.

Where to Buy the Stones?
10.7mm Round Rivoli Stones - Beady Girl Online Beads Shop Colours available in Siam, Topaz and Emerald. (SOLD OUT)

13mm Vintage Turmaline Teardrop Rivoli Stones - Beady Girl Online Beads Shop Each unit costs SGD3.50 and they are in limited quantity as this is a vintage lot.

14x10mm Teardrop Rivoli Stones
- Beady Girl Online Beads Shop Beady Girl carries Siam, Golden Shadow, Pacific Opal, Rosewater Opal, Caribbean Blue and Vintage Rose. Each unit costs SGD3.10.

You may also find more selections of the round and teardrop rivolis at Beads Cage, located at #02-24A Centrepoint.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

May New Arrivals

Hammertone Toggle Clasps

These toggle clasps which are available in 22kt gold-plated and rhodium-plated, add beautiful accent to the closures of your masterpieces. I especially like the hammered texture on each one and its high quality, i.e. lead-free and unlikely to tarnish easily. Link

Swarovski Crystal Rivolis

At long last, I have found these 10.7mm Swarovski crystal rivolis! Some suppliers have referred them as 10mm rivolis. However, I believe there are actually 10mm sized rivolis as I have received 1 vintage one from a supplier, so perhaps they are no longer in production and being replaced by these 10.7mm rivolis.

In any case, they are great addition to your beading projects if you prefer smaller sized rivolis. Currently, Beady Girl carries 3 colours, namely Topaz, Siam and Emerald. If you have other colours in mind, drop us a note and we may be able to bring them in. Link (Siam & Emerald Rivolis are currently out of stock.)

Project Kits - Endless Spiral Necklace
During my last class on 'Russian Spiral Necklace, I had demonstrated the technique of creating the 'Endless Spiral Necklace' and sparked a great interest in its comeback. I have brought in some lovely gemstones and new beads combinations for this project kit. Link

From Left to Right:
Black Sesame Jasper - Metaphysically, jasper is known as the stone of relaxation and tranquility. This lovely gemstone has a delicate translucent white with a swirl of mint green and a seasoning of black polka-dots. I thought the mint green looks very similar to amazonite colour. SOLD OUT

Ocean Jasper - Ocean jasper is found at the northwestern ocean coast of Madagascar. It displays rich hues and mottled accents in green, rust, grey, cream, blue, brown, and camel. A very nice earthy combination I must say. SOLD OUT

Yellow Turquoise - Yellow turquoise is not exactly "Turquoise", but a blend of quartz and jaspers. It is more of a moss to lime green to yellow in colour. These flat ovals look like pebbles picked from outdoors and are great for beaders who like the "organic" look.

Please note that the project kits only comprise of materials and no instruction manual is included.

Seed Beads
Some of our seed beads which had been out of stock are replenished and we have added some new colours to the collection. Link

Size 15 Miyuki galvanised silver seed beads will be available for sale in about a week's time.

Buying Policy

In order to serve you better in your buying experience, we would appreciate your kind attention to our buying policy as follows.

We highly recommend you to use our online shopping cart to avoid any delays or miscommunications. If you have any doubts on the payment, you may choose "Payment Pending" under Payment Modes upon checkout and we will advise you accordingly.

If, for any reasons you do not hear a reply from us, please feel free to contact Cynthia.

Items will be mailed out within 2-3 working days upon receipt of payment. Our payment modes include the following;
- Cash (self-collection)
- Singapore cheque (payee name provided)
- Interbank transfer (account no. provided)
- Paypal (
- Major credit cards (processed by Paypal)

If there should be any discrepancies in the payment, customers will be refunded promptly.

Normal mailing service within Singapore is FREE. Customers who wish to register or insure the products will have to bear the costs. Please select "Registered Article" upon checkout.

We ship via Singapore International Post to international customers. Please refer to the table at this
link for more information.

Thank you for your kind attention.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sterling Silver Pearly Bangle (SOLD OUT)

*Both kits have been sold. If you are interested, please send us an email and we will update you when it becomes available again.

On April 1, we featured the 'Pearly Bangle Design' at our blog. Beady Girl has now come up with another new colour and materials for the same design.

This bangle is stitched with Sterling Silver 3mm metal beads onto the band of Size 11 Supra Gold seed beads. The combination of gold and silver creates a great contrast to the bangle which is very popular amongst the current fine jewellery trend.

Each complete kit costs S$61.50 and comprises of :

- 400 units of Sterling Silver 3mm Beads (S$46)
- Size 11 Supra Gold Seed Beads 15gm (S$12)
- Size 15 24kt Gold-plated Seed Beads 2gm (S$1.20)
- Gold-plated 2-hole clasp 1 unit (S$2.30)
- #12 Beading Needle (complimentary)
- Design Manual (complimentary)

There are only 2 kits available for sale from 15 May 09 onwards. If you wish to pre-order, please kindly email Cynthia at

Please note that the design manual only details on the design element and no technique is being taught inside. If you are unfamiliar with our 'Bollywood Bangle' project, this beading kit is not suitable for your usage.

Thank you.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

DIY Project - Notice Board

While decorating for my new beading/craft room, I thought of not having a conventional looking notice board to be hung on the wall. Thus, I decided to do a quick DIY project to dress it up abit.

Materials and Tools:
1. Framed Cord Board (Size up to individual) or Canvass Board
2. Piece of Fabric (Size larger than board by at least 2 inches) - The retro designed fabric that I have used came from
Jo-Ann which is actually meant for home decor. I feel that a hardier fabric works better for this project.
3. Brown Tape (used normally for picture framing)
4. Scissors, Ruler, Big Stapler

Duration of Project: 10 minutes

Spread the fabric over the cord board and staple one side firmly onto the wooden frame at intervals. Pull the fabric tight at the opposite end and repeat the process. For the remaining two sides, make neat folds at the corners before stapling them onto the board. Trim the excess fabric and cover it up with the brown tape.

Voila! You have made yourself a one-of-a-kind notice board!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

My Craft Room

I have finally settled in my new residence and almost completed with the unpacking, decorations, etc. The last room that I have put together is my new craft cum guest room. It is a small space but big enough to put a twin sofa bed, 2 slim cabinets, and a working table and chair.

The highlight of this room is the "Cherry Blossom" decal that I have purchased from Decorette, recommended to me by Lis (Simple Arts Planet). It adds accent to the plain white wall where I have placed the sofa bed. Decorette sells a good range of wall decals and customises for customers. I have looked for a long time for this decal theme and was so glad when Lis tells me about Decorette.

Adjacent to the wall is where the working table is placed. I have made myself a notice board using leftover fabric and cork board. It is a very simple DIY project and the colourful circular prints perk up the wall instantly. You would have noticed a little black bird sitting on top of the notice board which is a complimentary gift from Decorette.

I am pleased with the setup of the new space and hopefully more creativity juice will flow out from there!

Monday, May 4, 2009

May Crafter - Simple Arts Planet

Gracing as our May Crafter is my good friend, Lis Chaong from Simple Arts Planet. Simple Arts Planet (SAP) specialises in Amigurumi dolls which are all uniquely designed by Lis. It sells project kits, crochet patterns, supplies and customised wedding favours. Of all, I would like to specially mention about her crochet patterns and wedding favours.

The crochet patterns are fully illustrated with detailed step-by-step instructions. From her customers' positive feedbacks, Lis has made working with crochet a walk in the park.

Another specialty of SAP is customised wedding favours for couples. Some of the favourites are fridge magnets, bottle openers and thank you notes. SAP has an in-house graphic designer, so every design is one-of-a-kind.

I have known Lis for almost a decade and since the early years of our friendship, she has always revealed the creative side of her. Some of the gifts that I received from her are crocheted bookmark and a cell pouch. Her workmanship is superb and she would not compromise for sub-standard quality. She takes pride in her work and works very closely with her clients to make sure they are 100% satisfied with her products and services.

Besides SAP
online store, SAP products are also available for sale at Etsy and Dawanda. So, if you like Amigurumi dolls crochet or a bride/groom-to-be looking for personalised wedding favours, do check out the delectable range of SAP products!

Photos are courtesy of Simple Arts Planet.