Friday, April 8, 2011

My New Project

If you ever ask my good friend, Lis ( what presents to get me, she will most probably suggest bags! Yes, I love bags; big, medium, small, any size, any makes, you name it and I will have a use for it. My husband even suggested I should make bags instead of jewellery! Having said that, I don't really own many bags (seriously, I don't!).

Anyway, after 4 years of waiting, I bought my second sewing machine recently. I used to make small card /cheque book holders to sell at the Farmers Market in US and had fun sewing them. This time round, I am more ambitious and want to make bigger bags. I scouted through Etsy and came across a talented seller selling patterns.

Here is my finished clutch, using pattern from sewingwithme3. I modified the specifications a little and added my own touch of beads! I bead embroidered on the flower print and added a beaded ring. The finished clutch is very roomy and can hold my long wallet, phone, keys, etc.

With the success of this clutch, I bought more designer fabrics to embark on more clutches and other projects!


  1. Seriously, you are going to go with the story that you really don't own many bags? Really? haha.. Yes, you should definitely make bags, and jewelry, don't listen to the husband, make both, make cookies too!

    This bag is gorgeous!!!